Awardee Profiles

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"We encourage entrepreneurs to think about the most urgent problems in the community"

Kapor Center for Social Impact

"Bayer employs a diverse workforce of 1,600 scientists, researchers and technicians in the Bay Area"

Bayer US

"We take a lot of pride in seeing our customers succeed, taking our technology and moving it through research, development, and production"

Lam Reseach


"Microvi uses natural microorganisms to purify water without the sludge, brine, or other waste by-products of conventional processes"

Microvi Biotech

"One manager said that his veteran contributed more and had a better attitude than any of his previous university students"

Veterans to Technology

"Our Power Generating Combustor eliminates the need for traditional gas, diesel-powered generators, or electrical grid connectors at remote oil sites"

Alphabet Energy

"A plant-based milk with just as much protein, half the sugar, and more calcium that dairy milk"

Ripple Foods

"We thought that completely transforming data entry would be a good starting point"


"Aduro is developing Listeria-based technology utilizing antigens specific to an individual patient's tumor - a personalized approach to cancer therapy"



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